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Thank you for considering one of our giving options. As a public benefit charity, we depend on the heartfelt donations or participation in a sustainability project with people like you to help keep services available.

For immediate donations, simply select a giving vessel that is comfortable for your budget then click on the "give here" link. Gifts of $101 or more, please consider the mail-in option to maximize your giving capacity. Mailing means no fees will be taken by the processing company. However you choose to give, we appreciate it.

$10 . . .  Life Raft  

$25 . . .  Tugboat*  50/50 family fun fundraiser

$50 . . .  Ferry         
$100 . .  Canoe    

$250 . Catamaran**  Dental care fundraiser
$400 . .  Plow Anchor 
$500 . .  Yacht
$1,000 . Mine Sweeper

You will have an option to cover the processing fees to maximize your giving.

*     Tugboat donors are entered into a 50/50 fundraiser to use for family fun to create positive and fun family memories! Next pick July 31. Where would you go? Disneyland? Throw a backyard party? Go to a family movie with the works - lunch/dinner and dessert at your favorite places?

**   Catamaran donors create a pool to help step/bonus-family children, teens, & college students receive dental care

*** Corporate donors are recognized at ALL live events for two years and our website forever beginning with our fall courses for adults co-raising kids.
Thank you for helping us with #SFSys Co-parenting University! Equipping families for success one course at a time.

Here is our Amazon Smile for nonprofits shopping link:

#CorporateGiving launch 6/19/17 - please mail to maximize your giving.

$2,500   Ice Breaker
$4,000   Kedge Anchor

$5,000   Hospital Ship

$10,000 Fleet 

Mailing address below:

Are your resources bare?

Is your savings account empty?

Do you have need you are unable to meet?  Tell us your story and we will do our best to help. 

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