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Support Options: 
1) Free tips and insights are shared on social media via @StepfamilyTalk - our Executive Director's account. 
Also free, on Facebook, you can connect to one or all of four choices:

Stepfamily Systems Co-Parenting Center is for any adult co-raising children | Braided Families Stepfamily Group is dedicated to those who want a Christian faith based focus | You know you're a stepmom when ... is dedicated to stepmom support. 

2) Low-cost, fee-based and by-donation support available as we receive funding through grants and donations. 

Services with a mailed workbook will have postage, shipping and handling. 
Communication is crucial throughout the process of working together. 

Services Section A - subscriptions:

A RiChTeR BLeNd - A Newsletter & Column with a twist! 

Who says support has to be boring?
Our brand of care is often an adventure.

The A RiChTeR BLeNd stories produced by our writers are part of a uniquely crafted, support newsletter with a Q & A  column for adults co-raising kids after divorce or stepfamily formation.  

Bringing stability to relationships between family members, friends, neighbors and co-workers that have been shaken by separation, divorce, remarriage and stepfamily formation, this series helps its loyal readers find joy, hope, and a renewed sense connection and belonging. 

Subscribers will witness the ups & downs those who are managing well or neglecting the issues that frequently arise when co-parenting after divorce and stepfamily formation. Get your subscription today so you can have tips and insights delivered to your inbox. It's never been easier or more engaging to feel supported, motivated, and for picking up the pieces and persevering to help you reach your highest and best outcome.

For this affordable line of support, here are your subscription selections

3 months of support, donation:   $9/mo    $27      
What do you get? 5 benefit points* One, 2-month issue, plus one 3rd-month telecare call.

6 months of support, donation:   $5/mo    $30       
What do you get? 10  benefit points* Three issues, plus two telecare calls! 

12 months of support, donation:  $4/mo    $48      
What do you get? 15 benefit points* Six issues, plus three telecare calls!

Please allow up to six weeks processing time. Gift certificates available; please complete the web form on this page. 

*1 benefit point = $1 to apply to an event, services or your subscription renewal.

Services Section B: Co-Parenting Care & Stepfamily Assimilation Planning


 Judges sign orders but the heart can't be legislated.-Tricia Powe

Personalized & customized  for parents, stepparents, grandparents and others co-raising children after divorce or  stepfamily formation. Based on each client's family needs and concerns, it is customized because your family's has its own pace and flavor! 

Uniquely yours and becomes your go-to source for support 24/7. Options are available as we understand needs vary:

Standard Program: 8 weeks of advance co-parenting & stepfamily assimilation planning care 
$840 Less costly than chronic litigation or divorce.


  • Starter Strategy call
    * The StepfamilySystems' ACES Co-Parenting & Stepfamily Focal PointsTM starter planning manual
  • 300 minutes (Five Hours!) with an ACES certified co-parenting & stepfamily planning strategist. Time is managed by the client; it can be banked or used through any combination of appointments: in-person** see note 2  via telecare, online appointments, and a designated Client-Queue Email.  Ask about webinar support!
  • Certificate of Completion provided upon receipt of unit summaries. 
  • One year subscription to A RiChTeR BLeNd Newsletter

Note 1: 25% Rebate - for fee-based clients delivered upon program completion and submission of exit paperwork. This is a great way to reduce the cost of your family investment.

Note  2In-person appointments option available to Southern California residents. 
Otherwise, client agrees to utilize telecare, Email and web-based conferencing. Limited USPS services are included.
Terms and conditions subject to change prior to enrollment with a good faith deposit to secure spot & confirm registration.

Quick-Term Program: 4 weeks of advance co-parenting & stepfamily assimilation planning care
$360 - Less costly than moving out! 


  • Starter Strategy Call
    *  The StepfamilySystems' ACES Co-Parenting & Stepfamily Focal PointsTM starter planning manual
  • 160 minutes (2 hours plus 20 minutes!) with an ACES certified co-parenting & stepfamily planning strategist. Time is managed by the client; it can be banked or used through any combination of appointments: in-person** see Note 2 via telecare, online appointment, and a designated Client-Queue Email. Ask About webinar support!
  • Certificate of Completion provided upon receipt of unit summaries
  • Follow-up care with a 6-month subscription to A RiChTeR BLeNd Newsletter. 

Note 2: In-person appointments option available to Southern California residents. Otherwise, client agrees to utilize telecare, Email and postal service options to accomplish planning process.  
Terms and conditions subject to change prior to enrollment with a deposit to secure spot & confirm registration. 

Smart Start: Correspondence Course with webinar:  
$160 - doesn't require commuting to appointments


  • Starter Strategy call
  • One-hour live webinar
  • The ACES Co-Parenting & Stepfamily Focal Points starter planning manual
  • E-Mail Correspondence at the end of each 4-unit module with a StepfamilySystems ACES certified co-parenting & stepfamily planning strategist. Time is managed by the client; it can be banked or used through an online appointment. 
  • Certificate of Completion provided upon receipt of unit summaries.
  • Follow-up care with an edition of the A RiChTeR BLeNd Newsletter  
  • (IMPORTANTManuals are personalized and can take two to six weeks to process, depending upon orders and client volume. If this is a gift, we will issue a gift certificate upon request. Please allow up to ten days for processing (payment for services must clear) and mail delivery of Gift Certificates.
    NOTE: In-person appointments can be scheduled when geographically possible. Otherwise client agrees to utilize telecare, Email, and postal service options to accomplish planning process. )

    As-needed support option:

    Telecare Appointment $55 value
    Speak with an ACES certified Co-Parenting & Stepfamily Strategist

    $55 per strategy session donation. For your donation of $55 we give you a telecare session by request. A session does not exceed 50 minutes. Can be long enough to create a solution or approach to your concern. RaAP sheet included with all appointments. Disclosures will be E-mailed when you request your appointment with the pre-strategy session worksheet to maximize your telecare time. We strive to schedule telecare appointments within four business days.
    Clients: Once your paperwork is submitted, same-day Telecare will be scheduled whenever possible. 


    This is an exciting one-day program is a condensed and live Co-Parenting Care Plan ™ option.

    The R & R Day Camp (Renewal & Resources) serves moms, dads, and stepparents, some grandparents, too.  Find and create hope and laughter, Kleenex for some, and a system for success never knew existed.  
    Enrollment rates:

    $150/two couples co-raising the same children

    To schedule a Day Camp at a school, church, community center location or retreat:
    Contact:  [email protected]

    Ask about additional options:

    Military Bonus time
    Braided Families (Christian support) 

    : All sales final on customized & personalized material.

    Subscriptions and services:


    After the order has been received, you have the right to cancel A RiChTeR BLeNd or rescind the Co-Parenting Care PlanTM  service agreement during during the next (3) three business days by submitting an enrollment cancellation notice to:      
     [email protected]

    EVENT REGISTRATION information:
    All sales final.
    However, registration may be transferred to another event attendee with Email notification providing attendees names, phone number and address no less than 10 days before event. If you do not attend and no one attends in your place, we will mail you a donation receipt for your records.