Stepfamily Systems Co-Parenting Center with Tricia Powe 

Personalized stepfamily solutions and co-parenting stabilization support TM

Family Law Professionals

It is has often been said that attorneys make a living off the pain of others. Others swiftly run to legal counsel. No matter how one looks at it, attorneys are an integral part of a marriage’s dissolution quality. Parents spend a lot income and borrowed money on legal counsel. 

Imagine how a client would feel getting a value-added gift with a bill? You think paying the bill might become a little easier? We do because while bills are depressing, gifts cause that same brain to feel happy and motivated to take of the obligations that mean the most. While our services cannot erase the stress of litigation they help build more satisfying co-parenting outcomes. You can be the legal counselor they recommend for  years to come. 

Therapists & Social Workers

Like judges, you face complex family situations daily. Judges can be like wild cards with the power to sign orders but the heart cannot be legislated - then what? Will there be endless stress of chaos fueled by re-litigation or child kidnapping to keep the kids from their other parent? What about the emotional abuse associated with this and the fight or flight behaviors children and teens are exposed to through their parents’ disorderly conduct?

Through our research we found many adults co-raising kids will not see a therapist for support to navigate the process of picking up the pieces nor to prevent bad settings from worsening. That’s where we fit into the post break-up / post-divorce or stepfamily formation equation. Our services are built on the foundation 25 years of interacting with adults bringing up kids whose moms and dads are in two places. We are a stand alone service with a virtual bridge to other professional care options.

Hence, we can support your career through our stories which serve as great conversation starters and follow-up care to what you are providing families daily.

Whether you are a family law or mental health professional, the goal is to augment care for our clients and become a value-added bonus for yours.  We invite you to select a Vessel of Hope to donate and support our organization. Since we do not provide legal nor mental health services, we can feature your practice as a Stepfamily Systems preferred provider or request Gift Certificates for a no-cost planning consultation to give your clients. You can opt for a fee-based advertisement in our new resource section coming in 2017. 

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