Stepfamily Systems Co-Parenting Center with Tricia Powe 

Personalized stepfamily solutions and co-parenting stabilization support TM

Our Cause
Co-parenting and Stepfamily Stabilization
is well-supported by our four-part mission:

Our Mission:

Connect | Collaborate | Educate | & Motivate:

To help co-parenting and step/blended-family households stabilize and thrive through our unique stand-alone program as well as collaborative efforts involving corporate and small businesses, community leaders and partnerships, including churches, community programs, local nonprofits and schools;

To help all children from these families distracted by co-parenting conflicts become better-focused students;

To increase family bonding opportunities and create shared memories through the arts, sports, and entertainment venues.

And, to offer advance planning and education with alternatives for dispute resolution so that generations feel in hopeful and connected – not bitter and alienated.

Our Vision:

By helping and motivating moms, dads, and stepparents build strong marriages and co-parenting agencies, we will see an increase in marital satisfaction, enable all children (both children of co-parenting households and those born into stepfamily homes) to enter their classroom and homework environments ready to learn and aim for their best adult potential; we will encourage young and seasoned generations to seek affirmative attachments through creation of positive shared memories to help them feel resilient – not alienated or abandoned; and, we will serve as a gateway to additional children, teen and family services such as mental health care and academic/student support and more.

Our Philosophy:

We believe that providing co-parenting adults with the right information - derived from both experience and research - and equipping them with a simple delivery system they can use at home daily, we can help them reduce risks that lead to chronic conflict and litigation. The fruits of this philosophy are plentiful and qualitative, impacting the emotional and behavioral management capabilities of adults and children living in a co-parenting or stepfamily setting. 

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