Stepfamily Systems Co-Parenting Center with Tricia Powe 

Personalized stepfamily solutions and co-parenting stabilization support TM

Board of Directors


Richard Powe
President & Co-Founder
Divorced Dad & Remarried 32 years

Tricia Powe

Vice President & Co-Founder

Co-Parenting & Stepfamily Mediator - Strategist

April Miller
Divorced Mom & Re-married/Stepmom

CPA with nonprofit experience to serve as 


Advisory Board  

Diane M. Greene, Stepfamily Love Blog 
Cert'd Stepfamily Coach

If you have experience working with families after divorce or stepfamily formation and would like to volunteer, send a letter of interest to:

[email protected]
We will review submissions at the Board of Directors meetings.



Volunteers  and  Honorary Mentions for support and insights to succeed:

Lacey Kuglar, office volunteer

CPT  International Prayer Team

Robin Mc Intosh, Executive Asst.


Gar Calhoun Nonprofit consultant

Debra Jackson, CAP Riverside, '12

Dr. Erickson La Sierra University 

Center for Philathropy

Kyra Stewart - Family Services Assn, Redlands

Woody Mosten Mosten Mediation,

Matt Dell InTheSunTech