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Stepfamily Systems Co-Parenting Center is a 501(c)3 nonprofitServices are designed for co-parenting and stepfamily stabilization, not mental health treatment. Client implementation and practice of the model can reduce risks that lead to chronic litigation and loss of emotional peace, marital unrest and co-parenting chaos that can result in academic neglect, spousal or child maltreatment. Due to personalities of staff, strategists, volunteers, clients, participants and family members, and varying efforts and attitudes, specific outcomes are not promised.

No-cost tips and insights are offered through @StepfamilyTalk on Twitter and now growing on Facebook: Stepfamily Systems Co-Parenting Center, You know you're a stepmom when..., Braided Families Stepfamily Group, and A RiChTeR BLeNd stories & newsletter sample page.

Low-cost tips and insights for those with smart budgets comes through our A RiChTeR BLeNd newsletter with Q & A. Over time,  build up points for services at no charge or low-cost. 

Mid-range. Semi-customized and personalized support accessible through group care and presentations on-line or on-site locations.

Customized and personalized support is found in our Co-Parenting Care Plan - Course options here

Anyone submitting questions, attending events, visiting any social media or website venue where we participate, acknowledges our services, content or statements are not meant to replace legal, mental health, or any additional/other professional services desired, suggested, or recommended. Stepfamily Systems can be utilized as a stand-alone support or complementary (vs. complimentary) care.   


DISCLAIMER: Although the stories accurately reflect common and some not-so-common realities faced by kids, teens and adults co-raising children after divorce or stepfamily formation, this is a work of fiction. Names, characters, places and incidents either are products of the writing team's imagination or are used fictitiously. Any resemblance to actual events or locales or persons, living or dead, is entirely coincidental.

Client submissions and contact are given priority responses with our SFSys ACES-certified, Co-Parenting & Stepfamily Strategists. 
Non-client submissions are not promised a response. Client submissions are priority. Submissions are confidential help drive research, tweets, blog content, and other no-cost support strategies in our outreach efforts and are not publicly identified. We do answer many as part of our mission statement to connect | collaborate | educate | & motivate your success! Submissions understood as posing immanent harm to others or self must be reported. 

Financial assistance
Needs-based scholarships are offered commensurate to funding of grants and tax deductible donations. No-cost tips and additional support is always available through social media outlets and blog content.  @StepfamilyTalk on Twitter | Stepfamily Systems Co-Parenting Center on FaceBook

Client's Bill of Rights

Click to read: Client's Bill of Rights

Participation-Interaction at events or social media

Whether written or live presentations, social media or other information expressed here or elsewhere, content is a mix of research and observations, personal insights and opinion. Readers are responsible for seeking clarification and vetting any non-StepfamilySystems party. By participating you acknowledge you have read the disclaimer and agree that your responses can be observed as part of on-going research as we determine the scope of current and future program offerings. You may be contacted for research and to share your story, additional input, thoughts, and ideas; you might receive requests to participate in questionnaires and other activities for our research. If you are randomly selected, you have the right to opt out by sending an E-Mail to: [email protected]

Reporting risk of harm to self or others
If you are having suicidal thoughts or making plans to harm yourself or others, please call the National Suicide Prevention Lifeline at 1.800.273.TALK (8255) for free 24 hour hotline support. For safety and well-being, staff and strategists, volunteers, and others involved in program instruction or delivery are required to report it to authorities when immanent harm to self or others is perceived.


No personal information is ever sold.  

RTs/Shares on any social media outlet or quotes in articles are not endorsements.

Privacy Policy and Research Disclosures required for formal research. Mailing address and phone number required to participate. 

Stepfamily Systems, Stepfamily Systems Co-Parenting Center, its team members, staff writers, volunteers and its associates respect the intellectual property of others, and we ask our social media connections, guests and clients to do the same. Repeated occurrences of "borrowing" content/information which has been posted on the website, in the client corner, newsletters, brochures, workbooks & manuals or through social media posts on Facebook/Twitter/etc. and allowing others to believe it is one's own and without citing the creative or inspirational source as a professional courtesy can be sent to our legal team. We will submit the following information:

  1. A description of the copyrighted work or other intellectual property that has been infringed;
  2. A description of where the infringing is located;
  3. Contact Information;
  4. A statement by the team member, guest writer, volunteer, author or co-author has a good faith belief that the disputed use is not authorized 
  5. A statement by the team member, guest writer, volunteer, author or co-author made under penalty of perjury, that the information in our notification is accurate and that the team member, guest writer, volunteer, author or co-author, or website content is the copyright or intellectual property owner.

Clients and readers are encouraged to vet all resources - both "referred and heard" - and to fully understand any and all choices are their own during and following any participation at any level on any venue where Stepfamily Systems / Stepfamily Systems Co-Parenting Center, its coaches, strategists, mediators or Tricia Powe, @StepfamilyTalk, Stepfamily Strategist are noted. Users acknowledge Tricia Powe represents herself as a lifetime stepfamily member, researcher and co-parenting mediator (American Bar Association approved training received through Mosten Mediation, Los Angeles, CA 1998) & stepfamily assimilation strategist (Cognitive Co-Parenting/Stepfamily Assimilation self-care model created by Tricia Powe). Although psychological benefits can be experienced, clinical care is referred but cannot be forced. We are proud to serve as a dispute prevention, alternative dispute resolution resource and as a bridge to additional professional services as clients move through our advance planning program. Arts-based care available as donations and grants are made available.