Stepfamily Systems Co-Parenting Center with Tricia Powe 

Personalized stepfamily solutions and co-parenting stabilization support TM

                                               We deliver an easy-to-use co-parenting self-care model developed by our research and a lifetime of experience. 

                                                        Client Bill of Rights

  • All program periods include at least one phone session with an ACES-certified co-parenting & stepfamily strategist.  
  • Clients can receive additional support through our clients-only pages online 
  • Phone care options are available but are not mandatory - clients choose
  • Services are paced by our clients and occur within a flexible window 4 to 10 weeks
  • We provide short-term services to improve long-run results
  • We provide a bridge to additional professional services; clients choose whether or not they will exercise options 
  • Each client has the right to be notified of any/all costs of services in advance
  • Each client has the right to expect confidentiality except as authorized and as required by law
  • Each client has the right to agree/disagree with course content and is not forced into any particular
       action; we understand outcomes vary based on effort, attitude, and each family's composition and conditions. 
  • Each client has the right to participate in our research project during their course period or afterward
  • We never sell any client information
  • An enrollee is not a registered client until all required forms have been submitted and a start date has been issued and first payment processed if a fee-based client or scholarship funds have been processed if needs-based support is being applied. 
  • Disclaimer And visit our COPYRIGHT NOTICE HERE

  • A Christian faith-based option is available. Ask for our for the Braided Families option.      
    Military families ask for bonus sessions for no additional cost.            

    Rev 23Jan2016