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                         From the desk of Tricia Powe, Executive Director

Research is clear – bitter co-parenting differences contribute to the maladjustment of children caught in the middle of their parents' and stepparents' inability to heal and move forward.
Cooperating rather than competing for control or the greatest influence isn't always an easy accomplishment. Stormy co-parenting dynamics fuel at-risk behaviors, compromise health, and reduce academic accomplishment for many students caught in the middle. Furthermore, subsequent marriages marked by turbulent co-parenting influences are subject to greater rates of divorce.

Stepfamily Systems has its roots in personal experience. It began as a personal quest for information to increase understanding when co-founders, Richard and Tricia Powe, married in 1985. It has grown into today’s much needed, specialty planning and dispute prevention, and alternative support resource for adults co-raising children. Tricia earned her mediation certificate from among the nation's best and American Bar Association approved instructors - Forrest "Woody" Mosten in 1998. "Personal insights. Professional balance."

<<< To the left is a timeless message Tricia shared with Peggy & Erin on Stepmoms Toolbox.  Get a pen and paper for notes. Help is available right now, right here! This one is for stepmoms and the dads who love them. 


 WHY Stepfamily Systems Co-Parenting Center? WHY now?

For reasons of their own, m
any people will not see a therapist for support - they struggle in silent or explosive turmoil. Others go to friends or family hoping not to be judged for feelings, fears, and concerns. The litigation process can be over-used, misused, and a great deal more than a financial expense; it can lead to losing the relationships parents are trying to save.

While, there are times it is the best option, 
litigation is a win-lose setting weighing on litigants who dig up and bring out the worst in each other - and judges are wild cards! We fill the gap between no-care and avoided support like therapy, offering a parent-empowering alternative  and serve as a bridge to other services. Win-Win.

* StepfamilySystems.ORG / Stepfamily Systems Co-Parenting Center began as StepfamilySystems (.com) but content has been hijacked. Today, the website has the appearance of being the nonprofit but it no longer is under Powe's control nor does she have access to modify content, links or Email.