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Personalized stepfamily solutions and co-parenting stabilization support TM

Stepfamily Systems Co-Parenting Center (#SFSys ) is a 501(c)3 nonprofit serving parents and stepparents with non-court support alternatives.

Our cause & main mission focal point?

Co-parenting and stepfamily stabilizationWhy? It is a key factor for the adjustment of children and adults after divorce and stepfamily formation. 

Why we exist: Litigation and mental health services have not been enough to curb the dissolution rate of second marriages with children from previous unions. Litigation is a win-lose setting where parents dig up and throw dirt; how, then, can they expect to co-parent in a friendly manner? For reasons of their own, many will not see a family/individual therapist. In the eyes of some, wedding-bells transition a temporary issue of girlfriend/boyfriend influences into a permanent problem to be eliminated. And the reasons go on ...

Now there is a simple, accessible, non-court support option to fill the gap between no-care and traditional services. We serve as a stand-alone option as well as a bridge to other professional care. Clients choose.

Court often increases tension between the households co-raising kids. Judges sign orders but the heart can't be legislated.

Welcome cont) Hence, non-compliance and various challenges to co-raising kids frequently lead to going back to court.
Our model-driven support will help parents and stepparents avoid the high emotional and financial costs of chronic litigation. Sometimes, second marriages crumble and parents lose the very relationships with the children and new spouse because of court over-use and a lack of co-parenting and step/blended-family stabilization.

You receive an initial consultation at no-cost. That's just the beginning. While going through the empowering, planning process clients have designated client E-mail and special, website portal in addition to our SFSys' ACES-certified co-parenting & stepfamily strategist. When the four-week planning process ends, it puts a well-designed, go-to partner in your home 24/7.

If you will make a genuine commitment to the process, you will position yourself for greater personal and family satisfaction, and well-being.  

If you will make a genuine commitment to the process, you will position yourself for greater personal and family satisfaction, and well-being.  

You've got this! 
The group picture above shows both childhood families of our executive director bringing you personal insights with professional balance. 



Stepfamily Systems' Co-Parenting Center University: 
Watch for fall dates for course selections.

Raising two-million for future state-of-the-art, family-fun and educational facilities.
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February 2017 News:
Just a few months into recovery from losing her right kidney to a mean tumor, our Executive Director enjoyed a warm welcome and Ribbon Cutting ceremony at the Menifee Valley Chamber of Commerce where Mayor Neil Winter  presented us with our Certificate of Recognition from the city along with reps from Senator Morrell's and Assemblywoman Melendez's offices. 

January 2017 News: 
Co-Founder featured in the Inland Empire Magazine's Women of Distinction

December 2016 news:
Tricia Powe, [Stepfamily Systems Executive Director] was submitted for nomination to National Association of Nonprofit Organizations & Executives 2017 Board of Governors. You were nominated because of your current (or past) work with STEPFAMILY SYSETMS CO-PARENTING CENTER.

Kathy Robinson, Ph.D., CNE, CDE, CNC
NANOE Nominations Committee

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There is more power
In listening
In speaking.
 ~James J. Burris, D.O.
Orange County, California

Co-parenting and Stepfamily Trilogy
2014 - 2015 Guest Writer

by Tricia Powe

Part III:  Parental Alienation Syndrome by Tricia Powe
Part II:      Parental Alienation by Tricia Powe
Part I:       
Challenges to stepfamily formation & what it might take to have a

happily blended family by Tricia Powe

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Our partners time and financial gifts build families. Your donations matter to outreach capacity and outcomes.

Visit our Donation page anytime to give by online link. If you would rather mail, go to our Contact Us page for the mailing address.  Our Taxpayer ID: 47-2163256


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